Monday, July 12, 2010

A Current Affair stirs up the St Ives Eruv controversy - an absolute disgrace!

The AJN article about anti-semitic comments posted on the ACA website after it published a story about the St Ives Eruv plans:

Nine’s racism claim

CHANNEL Nine and its program A Current Affair (ACA) allowed anti-Semitic comments to be published on its website, violating racial vilification laws according to NSW Jewish Board of Deputies CEO Vic Alhadeff.

ACA reported last Wednesday evening on plans for an eruv in the Sydney suburb of St Ives. After the show, it posted a video of the story on its website, which attracted hundreds of comments.

The discussion, which was about whether or not Ku-ring-gai Council should approve an application to erect 27 poles that would allow the Northern Eruv Committee to create the religious boundary in the North Shore suburb, soon descended into an attack on Israel and the Jewish community.

“The bosh (Germans) didn’t finish the job.” said one post. Another went further: “Quick, hide your babies. the Jews are going to drain their blood to bake bread!”

Alhadeff contacted Channel Nine to alert them to the possible breach of law and the network immediately removed all comments.
“The quick response was appreciated, but the incident draws attention yet again to the need for all media to implement effective filtering systems of what is posted on their sites,” Alhadeff said. “Some of the remarks clearly violated the race vilification laws, and it is unacceptable for media to carry such slurs until such as time as the offensiveness is drawn to their attention.”

B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation Commission executive director Deborah Stone said it is not the community’s job to monitor news sites. She added it was particularly concerning that the report prompted virulent anti-Semitism.

An application by the Northern Eruv Committee to erect additional poles for an eruv was first submitted to Ku-ring-gai Council in 2006. It was withdrawn because council said there was a lack of information. A further application was lodged recently, with a decision regarding the erection of the 27 poles expected by the end of August. Around 100 objections against the eruv were sent to the council.

Jonathan O’Dea, who represents the local electorate of Davidson, said there needs to be a rational debate over the feasibility of an eruv in the area. “Prejudice or discrimination based on racial or religious grounds should play no role in the debate,” the NSW politician said.

Meanwhile, the federal member for Bradfield, Paul Fletcher, whose electorate would contain part of the eruv, called the anti-Semitic comments disturbing. “There is no place in this decision-smaking process for offensive anti-Semitic sentiment,” Fletcher said.

View clip here

In our view the various communal organizations should also have turned their attention to ACA reporting standards. Not only did the reporter Damien Murphy grant those uninformed and narrow-minded whingers a free reign, but proved that he too is no less ignorant. (Eg, “On Saturday, the Sabbath, she can’ any sort of lifting or picking up a kid..”)
Is it really too much to expect that a journalist from an Australia-wide news program do better than play up to the prejudices of a miniscule mob of intolerant and bored pensioners who obviously need to get themselves a life?

And Murphy’s bizarre attempt at depicting those seeking to erect the Eruv as “extremists” is not only offensive but idiotic. And again clearly shows that he knows absolutely nothing about the topic or indeed the Jewish religion.
The ACA reporter inciting the mob with:
“Everybody’s against this and everybody’s objecting?”

And receives this nonsensical reply:
"It will be very divisive because we’ll end up with people of the Jewish faith living on one side of the street and everybody else on the rest…”

This poor dear is concerned that the Eruv threatens her security and is going to make the entire suburb a target! (After all, it's well known that Eruv's are Al-Quada's No. 1 priority.)

Listen to her:“It’s been the root of so many wars - this Jewish thing.”
“I don’t want to be inside it. I don’t want to be in a Jewish enclave.”
(And - surprise, surprise:) “We have many friends who are Jewish.”

Finally, ACA reveals the best kept secret in Australia - the Chassidim of St Ives - with the following depiction that accompanies their Eruv beat-up!


  1. St Ives rednecks, the Oz version of trailer park trash

  2. Chassidim of St Ives ! Amazing.

  3. There's no real Chassidim in St Ives, they must be Amish :)

  4. And why do the Jewish community centres all have security? Because of anti-Semites like these people. Talk about blaming the victim, these people are experts!

  5. if i saw Chassidim at a bus stop as demonstrated in the above picture, i would die from shock!!!
    where have they been hiding all these years???
    i certainly havent seen so many walking around chabad or masada!

  6. To Clinton.

    St Ives is actually considered one of the more expensive upper class suburbs of sydney and would therefore be better associated with narrow minded snobs than the stereo type redneck. Secondly, "Oz" has trailer park trash already, these people are known as... trailer park trash. Lastly, both sides have put forward an arguement and should be given the opportunity to debate it, every person has the right to an opinion no matter how racist, sexist or anti-semitic it is. This IS a democracy after all.

  7. may I say that I don't mind the idea of a Jewish urev, a small concession that would assist many people with minimum inconvenience to other citizens, but I must object to Clinton and Matt..seriously..the term "trash" applied to anyone but the mothers who raised you to refer to others you probably don't know in such terms betrays a part of you that surely can't be Jewish..your ancient prophets were vilified for defending people less fortunate than themselves...look in the mirror boys..but don,t sniff. The scent of trash may, at least, confuse you. (This is my democratic opinion)


  9. Why impose your conservative religious views on your neighbours. Your religion says dont do any labour on the sabbath. Then adhere to your conservative religion and dont do it.

  10. Suzanne-
    Why don't you educate yourself prior to making comments.

  11. It’s outrageous that the Ku-ring-gai Council has finally come out and refused the application to establish an eruv in St Ives. What did the councillors who voted against say? That their constituents don’t want it. Why not? Because it’ll create a ghetto. In other words, it’ll bring more Jews to St Ives. That’s right – they don’t want more Jews in St Ives.

    You would have thought that in multicultural Australia such bigotry would be condemned, or at least ignored, by council officials, but no, they have pandered to their ignorant residents and denied the Jewish community the right to practice their religion freely.

    And as for that Holocaust survivor who spoke at the Council meeting against the eruv – what on earth is her problem? Does she really think that an invisible boundary will cause antisemitism and lead to another Holocaust? It appears that there are self-hating Jews everywhere, even among those who have suffered so much for being Jews!

    More info on the eruv developments:

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    * Council to decide fate of religious zone – SMH –

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  12. Harry. Accept the decision. the council acted in the interest of the greater community. The fact the Eruv applications in the past have been either withdrawn, or rejected, speaks volumes of the objection against it. For the record, St Ives is a multicultural community.
    I believe alot of the rhetoric around the Eruv is 'bringing the community together' that what happening around both Masada College & the adjoining oval, fully fenced & armed security.
    Don't impose your way of life on others, accept the deciion & abide by your religion in the boundaries you have. like all otehrs do

  13. Anonymous - I challenge you to "find" the eruv in the Eastern Suburbs. If you didn't know where to look, you'd have no idea it was there. Similarly, the St Ives eruv will have zero visible impact and if religious Jews need the eruv in order to enjoy their day of rest, why should you care?

    The only reason must be because you have a beef to grind with orthodox Jews (or Jews or Judaism in general).


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