Thursday, July 15, 2010

AJN's idiotic headline of the week

A young Jewish boy lies critically ill in a hospital overseas and the AJN feels that the soccer aspect is important enough to feature in the headline! Really!

On the other hand we were impressed to learn that Reagan's fellow students at Bialik College have been praying for his recovery. Were we the only ones unaware that prayers take place there and that the school even employs a campus rabbi?

Meanwhile AJN Watch requests that all our readers join in Tefilah for the speedy Refuah Sheleimah of Yitzchok Yehuda Refoel Ben Tamara - betoch shaar cholei Yisrael.


  1. I love the superiority complex you guys have. The smugness that oozes out of your website is vomit inducing.

  2. Smugness? Not sure what you mean. But I too thought that the headline the Jewish News used was ridiculous

    and actually it's good to follow a blog where the writers have a superiority complex.
    Never a boring moment.

  3. It just reveals their value system, or lack of it.

  4. Little less elitism pleaseFriday, July 16, 2010 10:52:00 AM

    "Were we the only ones unaware that prayers take place there and that the school even employs a campus rabbi?"

    Probably yes. Maybe you should do some more reasearch, or alternatively drop the mindset that the only people who pray and have rabbis are people like you.

  5. Sorry Little less, but I think most people under under the impression that Bialik is, if not anti-religion, at least non-religion school.
    So reading about prayers there surprised me as well.

  6. I always thought that Bialik was established by people who considered Mt Scopus to be too religious for them. The last thing I would've imagined was them 'doing' prayers.

    I wonder if the parents know this...

  7. I just think it's funny that you guys attack the AJN because of the headline saying soccer isn't important then you go on to discuss the Bialik and if they do/don't pray.

    I guess talking about if a school prays and ignoring the kid is ok... just not talking about sport.

  8. Did you somehow overlook the last paragraph?

    Meanwhile AJN Watch requests that all our readers join in Tefilah for the speedy Refuah Sheleimah of Yitzchok Yehuda Refoel Ben Tamara - betoch shaar cholei Yisrael.

  9. As a student at Bialik College, this post bought me to tears. This post is ignorant, outrageous, and offensive. Bialik College may not be a religious school, but we take pride in our Jewish faith. We do, in fact, have a rabbi, and each and every single student has been taught that prayer is important.
    And the last paragraph made me feel sick. It's almost as if you think you have the nerve to insult the school and everything that it stands for, and then to hide it all under that paragraph, thinking it will make you look like you care, asking them to pray.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves. I just hope Reagan's family have not seen this.

  10. I have read and reread the blogpost and cannot see why romm is so upset.
    dear romm, ask aorund and you will hear that most of melb's jews do not associate bialik with prayer or rabbis.

    So I too was pleasantly surprised to learn that your school has a rabbi and prayers. that is wonderful.

    But as to your nasty comment on the prayer request, I think you should apologise. To me it seemed a true heartfelt request - even including Reagan's Jewish name as well as his mother's.

    Ask the school rabbi about 'dan lekaf zechut'

  11. Miriam - You're calling romm nasty! Talk about pot and the kettle.

  12. So I guess you like beating up on children, Miriam? Does it make you feel big and important?

    Bialik is an amazing school where zealots learn their lesson in humility. Bialik encourages and fosters respect for others, rather than this sick 'holier than thou' attitude that has coagulated on this cess pool of ignorance you call a blog.

    For absolute shame, AJNWatch. If you'd done your research you'd know that Reagan defined his life by his avid following of Soccer.

    You'd know that he died whilst returning from his dream come true - watching the world cup (and Australia playing in it). Soccer fan was probably the biggest compliment you could give that kid.

    Words cannot express how terrible you are to snipe like this. Learn some respect and humility, you mongrels.

  13. Daniel, where did Miriam beat up children? Why are you attacking her?

    I too am shattered at the sad news of Reagan's passing. (We have some family connections.)

    True that soccer was important to him. But it is a bit sad that so many of our children's lives are defined by such and similar values. There are so many more valuable interests and ideals that I can think of that we should be inculcating our kids.

    I too offer my condolences to his family, friends and school. RIP

  14. Where did Miriam beat up on children? By patronising a grieving child. By showing such utter contempt for a young mind grappling with their first taste of mortality.

    if you cannot see the ugliness of this post and its pure spite, then I fear for your seemingly complete lack of compassion.


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