Saturday, July 14, 2012

Note AJN: He's a lawyer not a garbage collector

Note to AJN writers and proofreaders (if they  indeed employ any):
QC is the acronym for "Queen's Counsel" - not "Queen's Council".
(Councils are in charge of garbage collection...)


  1. It is a disgrace that the jewish news is populated by ignorami in both Hebrew and English.

    What is their excuse?

  2. some lawyers woul dbe better off a garbage collectors, or at least their clients would be

  3. Hey Oldie - the plural (according to both the Oxford and Webster dictionaries) is "ignoramuses".
    What is YOUR excuse?

  4. Watcher's watcher - you may be correct, but then so may I.

    Here is what Merriam-Webster dictionary writes:

    ig·no·ra·mus noun \ˌig-nə-ˈrā-məs also -ˈra-\ plural ig·no·ra·mus·es
    also ig·no·ra·mi

    Also mentioned on Wikipedia:

    ignorami 1.(nonstandard) Plural form of ignoramus.

    Also used by Time magazine - who can't be accused of being ignorant...,9171,727940,00.html

  5. Note to AJN Watch. What a tragedy that you are blind to the fact that you are worthless, hypocritical bigots ... and if hell exists, you will be the ones who go there, not those you persecute with your blinkered attitudes.

    You are a blemish on the face of humanity and an embarrassment to the Jewish people.

    God forgive you for your sins.

  6. Americans! :-)


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