Friday, November 11, 2011

Why aren't Jewish concerns addressed at the Media Inquiry?

Can someone explain why have organisations and lay-leaders of our community - especially those who regularly criticise sections of the local media for anti-Israel bias and mis/disinformation - not made submissions about this to the current Independent Media Inquiry?

Wouldn't this have been an outstanding opportunity  to publicise the frequent anti-Israel slant of the usual suspects, eg, the Canberra Times, the SMH, The Age, SBS and the ABC?

We may have missed it whilst browsing the free on-line edition of the AJN, but we cannot recall any comment or criticism by it about this bungled and missed opportunity.

Where are they all? AIJAC, ECAJ, ZFA, JCCV and all the other acronyms that claim to be representing the interests of Israel and the local Jewish community? Not sure why our fearless MP, Mr Michael Danby isn't there. Maybe being a parliamentarian has something to do with it. But where are all the others? Has there been a massive slip-up? Or what?

(At the same time, members of the Orthodox community and especially the Chabad leadership should have considered raising their concerns on the history of biased and unjust articles published in the Jewish News when reporting on the observant community.)


  1. It is very strange why we haven'r heard about this and why the Jew. News isn't asking.

  2. Since the inquiry has now reached its closing date for submissions I am sure that everyone in the AJNwatch community would be interested in reading the submission made by the blogmaster. Perhaps it could be posted in this thread?

  3. WW, you think that an anonymous blog should step in and do the work of our big organisations?

    You're kidding, right?

  4. Alex - no kidding.
    Our sages say
    במקום שאין איש - השתדל להיות איש


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