Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have a lichtigen Chanukah!!!

From Judah Maccaboy: Enjoy!

And listen to that old favourite, Tom Lehrer's
 "I'm spending Chanukah in Santa Monica":

I'm spending Hannukah
in Santa Monica,
Wearing sandals,
lighting candles
by the sea,

I spent Shavuos
in East Saint Louis,
A charming spot,
but clearly not
the spot for me...

Those eastern winters,
I can't endure 'em
So every year I pack my gear
and come out here 'til Purim

Rosh Hashona
I spend in Arizona
And Yom Kippah
way down in Mississippah
But in December
there's just one place for me

Mid the California flora
I'll be lighting my Menorah
Like a baby in its cradle
I'll be playing with my Draydel
Here's to Judas Maccabeus,
boy if he could only see us

Spending Hannukah,
in Santa Monica,
by the sea!

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