Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Whether Johnny Baker should be filed under ‘am-haaretz’, ‘apikores’ or a simple’ tinok shenishba’ is totally irrelevant. (Rav Velvel Soloveichik zt’l – the Brisker Rav is famously reputed to have commented: “Nebech an apikores is doch an apikores”.)
The AJN, a serial offender in publishing ameratzus and apikorsus, is of course the natural home for Baker’s article of last week.
But I was surprised – or rather disappointed - that the by-now expected AJN Watch critical comment didn’t appear.
I was therefore grateful to read the letter to the editor this week by Otto Waldmann where he accurately exposes the reality about the outlooks of both Baker and his ‘guru’ Amichai Lau-Lavie.

Thank you Otto. Your public response will hopefully go some of the way in reducing the Chilul Hashem.
And to my colleagues in the Jewish school network and the members of the rabbinate: please raise your voices against those who vandalise and sabotage traditional Torah Judaism.


  1. Baker is a pompous twit - a communal time waster

  2. And did anyone notice the cartoon by Kron illustrating that Baker nonsense?

    Kron - the genius - quite obviously doesn't know the difference between a 'normal' and an 'end' Mem.

    Maybe someone can get hold of it and forward it for posting.


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