Friday, October 30, 2009

Rabbis "respectfully" request Kosher functions

Looks like the letters of Mr David Ainsworth and Rabbi Chaim Ingram (published here on AJN Watch) have Baruch Hashem awakened Australia's rabbinical establishment from their slumber. And not a moment too early. Better late than never…

But we are not convinced that “appealing respectfully” to local Jewish organizations to make their affairs “kosher-only” will do the job. Rabbis, rabbinical organizations, orthodox shuls and of course our Kashrut organizations must become far more outspoken and forceful by taking a hard line against any group that hosts treif functions. This is the only way that they will achieve the aim.

There is absolutely no reason for any organization not to use the services of one of the many excellent and reputable Kosher caterers that we have. They offer high-class food and prices that are close enough to what is charged by treif food vendors. (Not that price should in any way be the deciding factor.)

Another very important sector whose voice should be raised in protests are the wealthy frum Jews of our communities. There are dozens of such families in Melbourne and Sydney and they have a duty to use their influence (and money) for this holy endeavor. They are regularly invited to attend communal functions where, if they are lucky, the organizers are “kind enough” to supply them with “special Kosher meals” - as if they were airline passengers.

These financially fortunate people should clearly assert themselves and take a firm hard line by notifying all organizations that they will refuse to attend any event where treif food is served.

So over to you our “ashirim”. Hashem has been good to you. Now it’s pay-back time.

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  1. So where are our rabbis? Especially the Chabad ones? after all the late rebbe did have some Kashrut campaign going strong at one time and no doubt would have supported strong steps against communal treif affairs.


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