Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WARNING: "Don't start with Shechita!"

Were the people of Melbourne and surrounding country areas the addressees of a (not-so) gentle warning message aimed at the state and federal governments?
Saying: "Don't mess with Shechita!"

To many in the community it may indeed seem so.

Only 9 days after the Sunday Age gave front-page coverage to an ignorant and biased anti-Shechita campaign, most of the city and environs felt a 'heavenly jolt' which they claim is a forewarning of what may happen if anti-Shechita laws are implemented.

They cite as proof the case of New Zealand where last year the government declared plans to ban Shechita - under  pressure from a minister who was later allegedly found to have a strong conflict of interest in the matter.

Well, we all know what has happened in New Zealand since that time. Not one, but two devastating and destructive earthquakes plus hundreds of aftershocks have almost totally destroyed life in the city of Christchurch. In fact they just had another one today - this time in the North Island.

So who knows? Maybe there is some link between Shechita bans and earthquakes...

Someone, (possibly Michael Danby and David Southwick,) should pass on the message to Julia Gillard and Ted Baillieu - "Don't risk it!"

Meanwhile read Danny Lamm's article in defence of Shechita in The Age


  1. Vehazedim mehera se'aker useshaberWednesday, July 06, 2011 2:42:00 PM

    Rachmistrivka Rabbi: Tsunami result of Haredi Arrests in Japan
    Thursday, March 31st, 2011

    Rabbi David Twersky, leader of the Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty, says the recent tsunami in Japan, which has left thousands of people dead, was the result of the arrest of two yeshiva students by Japanese authorities after being convicted of smuggling drugs.

    “The Japanese don’t understand why they keep on receiving blow after blow, and it never ends. If they want it to stop, they must release the two guys jailed in their prison immediately, and then experience salvation,” the rabbi told his followers last week during a Purim celebration in Jerusalem.

  2. Now if we could onlyhear about an earthquake in Iowa, THAT would be a trifecta

  3. "To many in the community it may indeed seem so."

    who are the many in the community saying this? i have not heard of anyone coming fwd and saying this

    i put it to you that you the editor of ajnwatch has come up with this and your not reporting anything but your own opinions

    please back up your statement of "To many in the community it may indeed seem so"

    ajn watch you are a chilul hashem just like the newspaper you seek to keep watch over

  4. Vehazedim mehera se'aker useshaberWednesday, July 06, 2011 5:28:00 PM

    I suppose the Rachmastrivke rebbe's views mean nothing to you either

    UPDATE 7.15am: VICTORIA continues to be rocked by aftershocks following yesterday's 4.6 magnitude earth tremor.
    Geoscience Australia has recorded three aftershocks since the Korumburra tremor, felt in inner Melbourne, hit at 11.32am yesterday. Seismologist Hugh Glanbille said he expected the aftershocks to continue. "There was an aftershock at 12.37pm yesterday that measured 3.3 on the Richter scale, while there were two more large ones at 7.16pm and 3.03am measuring 3.7 and 3.3 respectively," he said. "The one at 7.16pm was felt almost right across Melbourne, while we did have some reports from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the one at 3am. "We expect a few more aftershocks to occur but as to whether it will be today or tomorrow or next week, we're not sure."
    The biggest aftershock from the earth tremor was a forecast that Victoria's dormant volcanoes are overdue to erupt. Both of yesterday's aftershocks occurred in almost the exact same spot about 7km from Korumburra.

  6. um correct yeh the rachmastrivke rebbes views do mean nothing to me .... vehamezid do the machanochavitcher rebbes views mean anything to you?

  7. PS Why don't you ask a Rov whether it is Muttar to say such things, and whether it is an enormous Chillul Hashem.

  8. To the scoffers and inventors of new types of 'Chilul Hasehm':

    Here is part of an article published in the Jerusalem Post

    The classic Jewish source on the subject of natural disasters in general – and earthquakes in particular – is found in the Talmud, tractate Brachot 59. As regarding many outstanding events in nature – such as thunder, lightning or a volcanic eruption – the expression of a blessing, praising God as “He who made the workings of creation,” is pronounced upon experiencing an earthquake.

    But then the Talmud records a brief, but bizarre story: The sage Rabbi Katina was once passing by the home of a celebrated necromancer – known for his ability to divine higher “truths” using bones of the dead – when he felt tremors beneath the ground. He called out, “Does the sorcerer know why earthquakes occur?” To which the necromancer replied, “Of course, Katina, why shouldn’t I know! When God takes notice of his children, who are mired in oppression among the nations of the world, He drops two tears into the ocean, and the resultant commotion is heard from one end of the world to the other.”

    Rabbi Katina – clearly shaken by both the tremors under his feet and the penetrating words of the witch doctor, proclaims, “The necromancer is a liar, for if there are two tears, then I should have felt two earthquakes!” But the Talmud indicates that, indeed, there were two earthquakes; the necromancer was right on target, but the sage did not want to add to his already significant reputation.

    And so Katina adds his own rationale, as well as that of several other rabbis, to explain the occurrence of earthquakes: “Earthquakes come about when God claps His mighty hands together; or when God sighs a weary sigh, or when He kicks the firmament of heaven.”

    THE CONCLUSIONS we may draw from this talmudic tale are several, and significant: First, there clearly is a direct connection between human behavior and natural disasters; coincidence and randomness do not exist within God’s universe. Second, it is neither a sin nor a pointless exercise to seek out – from Jewish or other sources – the reasons why such phenomena occur. Indeed, the real sin may lie in letting such cataclysmic events pass without reflecting on their implications, ignoring the messages sent from above for our ultimate benefit. And third, at the risk of sounding arrogant, the fate of Israel and the Jewish people – as reflected in the preponderance of our mention in headlines throughout the world – is always at “center stage.”..

    Read the last few lines again - and then say "Chilul Hashem"

    For the entire article see

    PS, I realise that there are othe sources given further reasons for earthquakes. But its seems to me that this AJNWatch post has definitely got some legitimacy according to Chazal.

  9. How odd. Germany passes laws 60 years ago banning all sorts of jewish activity and then goes on to kill 6 million of us and no earthquakes. One left leaning paper publishes one article and "kaboom". G-d does work in an unusual way!

  10. So, AJN Watch, your G-d's interpreter? I always look very askance and warily at those who claim to second guess the Abishter's will, even if they are Rabbonim. Who are we to understand His plan?

  11. Shoshana, no need for that immoderate tone.

    EVERYTHING that happens in this world is because of Am Yisroel.

    Who says?

    The Rebbe did - citing Chazal.
    I quote:
    הרבי ממשיך ואומר כי “בני ישראל צריכים לדעת שכל מה שנעשה בעולם, הכל נעשה בשביל ישראל, כדאיתא בילקוט “שהקב”ה אומר לבני ישראל בני אל תתייראו כל מה שעשיתי לא עשיתי אלא בשבילכם, ולכן אין לבני ישראל לירא אלא להתחזק בבטחונם בה’”.

  12. A shameful article! May all those who died in those quakes forgive you.

  13. Nothing immoderate about my tone. Yes, we know everything is Hashgacha Protis but, that is very different than claiming to know the details and the why's and how's and reasons behind G-d's plan. That is quite presumptuous!

  14. I was really really annoyed that you didn't print my (first) comment and that people here are connecting the deaths of many innocents with something the government has said.

    A very twisted view. Bringing a Gemara doesn't help. GO ASK A ROV if this is a Chillul Hashem. Let me know what he says.

    Chaya L.'s "no need for that immoderate tone.", ironically you are being rude to Shoshanna, she is stating facts.


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