Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mincha Aufrufs!

Guest post by Lisa:
A caterer friend tells me about a new trend in the community in having pre-wedding "call-ups" during Mincha on Shabbos afternoon - rather than the traditional morning affair.

There seems to be a number of theories behind this.

1) Less cost - as there is no need to feed hungry mobs who have had to put up with 2+ hours of tefilos and krias haTorah. (And even if some finger food is offered, it is far less than earier in the day.)

2) 20 minute service as compared to 2-3 hours. No more than 3 call-ups possible.

3) Less Chilul Shabbos? [As hopefully the (non-observant) guests will drive home after zeman Motzoei Shabbos.]

On the other side of the ledger, the Shul will lose out on donations for Mi Shebeirachs - as only 3 aliyos can be given.

Anyone else have any comments about this new trend?

PS. The notice states that the wedding takes place on Purim. Another first??

Meanwhile our best wishes to Emma and Jeremy on their big day


  1. Maybe a minchah aufruf is connected with the Chabad minhag of a Bar-Mitzvah's first aliyah being on Shabbos afternoon?

  2. What possible connection could there be? It's obvious that if a bar mitzvah is called up to demonstrate that he is now an adult, then it has to be an aliyah to which a minor can't be called. The question is why the general custom is not so. But whatever the answer to that may be, what has it got to do with a chosson?


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