Sunday, March 27, 2011

From Melb AJN reader:
How does the editor of the AJN expect his Melbourne readers to understand letters he publishes that refer entirely to issues that were raised only in the Sydney edition? Zeddy, is it too much to ask you and your staff to use a bissele seichel?

Additionally, if you felt that the subject matter of those letters to be of general interest, why not include the original stories in the Melbourne edition?

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  1. I had the same thoughts when reading the paper this week. How unprofessional!

    And this is not the first time. It happens quite often that a letter or a follow-up article is published about a topic which we were never told about in the first place.

    Presumably the readers of the Sydney edition have similar complaints.

    And really why not include all the Sydney stories in the Melb edition? Australia isn't that big and we are all interested in what is happening in communities - even those that are beyond the state borders.


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