Saturday, April 2, 2011

J-Wire - Mechalel Shabbat with Rabbi's Message!

We have previously commented that the J-Wire daily email is often Mechalel Shabbat. (See here and here.)

But a new low has been reached by today's publishing/forwarding the weekly message of Rabbi Michoel Gourarie 'be'etzem Yom HaShabbat". We strongly doubt that Rabbi Gourarie knows about this (and if he is a follower of this blog). He will no doubt appreciate if one of our readers in Sydney informs him about this public Shabbat desecration. 
According to all reports, Rabbi Gourarie is one of Australia's most popular, active and respected Rabbanim and being used as a 'partner' in Chillul Shabbat and Chillul Hashem (and Chillul Lubavitch) should horrify him.


  1. Cummon AJNWatch, "dan lkaf zchus" - Jwire probably has an automated email program in action and I am sure that the site's manager Henry Benjamin (a thoroughly good bloke) would not intentionally wish to offend members of the kehillah. Rather than attacking Jwire - which is a far better news service than the AJN - perhaps a politely worded email to JWire explaining the issue would do the trick.

    I seem to recall posting a comment along the same lines last time you raised the issue of alleged chillul Shabbos at Jwire, but you seem to have ignored this advice...

  2. Get a grip guys. This isn't a big deal. I highly doubt that Gourarie would be offended... the fact that a service posted a rabbi's message doesn't make it any different to posting anything else.

    -Shtiebel regular

  3. It is not even against halacha, there are thousands of frum websites and emails running during Shabbes and this issue has been dealt with by many competent Rabbinical authorities. There is no problem there. But apparantly AJN Watch missed that shiur or as usual he is trying to stir up trouble. Move on...nothing to see here folks.

  4. It's OK to send emails on Shabbos? Really?

    And how can you compare websites which are simply there to actively mailing out emails on Shabbos itself??

    I don't think that one is mechuyev to be dan lekaf zechus an openly mechalel shabbos.

  5. Some of you may not know that emails can be sent automatically


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