Friday, March 18, 2011

Badly placed advertisement

“Purim Sameach” right below a front page picture portraying the latest tragedy in Israel seems unfortunate and wrong.
The editor should have used his discretion and seichel by placing that ad elsewhere.
We have no doubt that not only would Glicks would have agreed to do this but they would have preferred such action.


  1. They did the same mistake in the Sydney edition

  2. and compare this to the front page of the Hamodia... and the coverage the Hamodia gave was by far much better and more thorough


  4. B'H
    Just typical of the insensitivity and lack of editorial guidance by the present editors, I guess. They print one side only of issues mostly, the extreme left wing viewpoint and so I guess from their point of view which is anti-settlements and supportive of giving away land for pieces of Israeli citizens in all manner of murder and mayhem, they would not see anything wrong with an ad for Purim goodies under a picture of people mourning the five neshamot so tragically lost at Itamar.


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