Thursday, February 24, 2011

How many Jews are there in the Northern Territory?

...Or for that matter, Tasmania?   Hardly a minyan.
But anti-Semites? Plenty!


  1. How many Jews in the NT? A handful, but never enough (and never interested enough) to form a kehillah.


  2. B"H

    Sydney's west strongly anti muslim. Now, I wonder why that could be? They are really a peace loving bunch who just indulge in the odd gang rape or two, female circumcision, disregard the sensitivities of the Australians they live among and consider them a bunch of beer swilling, lazy morons who they can rort through centrelink and other government services.
    Depsite that they are willing (the Aussies) to give any hard working and genuine Muslim person a fair go. However, aussies are a proud bunch and do not appreciate being spat at in their own home suburbs.
    It will be the Muslims who will have to learn to be more tolerant of others and respect if they want to get on well with the greater Australian community

  3. I noticed something interesting in the media reports, which the media didn't make note of. Probably due to political correctness.

    Which part of melbourne had the most negative attitudes towards jews? No surprises - the northern region (including areas such as Broadmeadows)

    And who, pray tell, lives there? You guessed it - melbourne's Muslim community!

    To quote:

    "People in Melbourne's outer north, including the shires of Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Hume (NOTE - Hume has the highest muslim percentage per capita in Melbourne), recorded Victoria's highest rates of negative sentiments against Jews (31.4 per cent), Asians (26.8 per cent) and Britons (12.8 per cent)."

    (Source: )

    Why did anyone not make the connection, I wonder?

    Now I know not all Muslims are anti-semitic, anti-asian, or anti-western (and I believe in judging individuals favourably), but it does seem that overall, there may be a problem here whcih could use addressing...

    We've seen many times in history how the persecuted can become the persecutors.


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