Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jon Faine and Purim

Guest post by J. Harman:
I am actually quite a fan of Jon Faine. I try to listen to his engaging and intelligent morning radio show on 774 as often as I can. But come on, Chaim Herzog, do you REALLY think that Faine is the appropriate person to host a "Purim farbrengen" and Megilla-reading? And shouldn't the fact that you represent Chabad mean that you should be more careful when making arrangements for (at least) religious occasions? And what I know about Faine, he would agree with my sentiments 100%.


  1. I agree. Some Chabad orgs are now really going far far out to attract the punters.

    Sydney's yeshiva recent gala dinner had some comedian running the show.

    Dos iz nit chasidus!

  2. J Harman - There are Jews parading around in their underwear in Sydney on a Purim-themed float at the Mardi Gras declaring that their gay lifestyle is kosher (see, and you're worried about Chabad inviting Jon Faine to a Purim event?! Get your priorities right! Good on Chabad for trying to reach out to the masses the best way they can to promote authentic Yiddishkeit.

  3. Harry, I agree with you - good on Chabad. They generally do amazing work.
    But still, if the alleged rumors about Faine's spouse not being a MOT then maybe he shouldn't have been selected to host a religious affair.
    As to AJNWATCH and the gays, obviously you are a newcomer here.

    Do a search for 'gay' [at the top of the righthand column] and you'll find plenty there regarding these chevra.

  4. I think some of the 'minor' Chabad organisers must be pulled over and told that we do not ALWAYS hold that the end justifies the means.

    Chabad style Yiddishkeit also has standards

  5. The main problem is that Jon Faine is openly anti-religious. He enjoys mocking yiddishkeit but Herzog doesn't have a clue.
    Don't judge all Chabad from one independent group.

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    Rabbi Avrohom Jacks, Sheikh Ramy Najmeddine and Father Hans Christiansen.


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