Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mikey Bear misses us!

Thank you Kay T. for forwarding the above kvetch from that pesky serial whinger Michael Barnett, not someone whose blog we normally follow.

Mikey, no need for you to be intrigued and no, we certainly haven't been leaned upon by anyone or changed any of our views. The simple reason that we have stayed away from this semi-annual "gay moan and gripe" festivity is because it has become boring. Boring for us and boring to our readers. Zehu! Nothing else. 

Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen can, BH, well look after himself and his opinions without requiring any outside help. He is obviously a giant amongst pygmies and a person with courage to put forward the eternal unbending truth of the Torah. (Admittedly, it is sad,  that apart from a handful of other rabbis, Rabbi Chaim Ingram comes to mind, the rest of the rabbinate remains shtum on this matter.) 

And it is sometimes painful to read criticism of Rabbi Cowen (and AJNWatch) by hypocrites who in private conversations express views on screeching, noisy homosexuals which are no different to ours. (Yes, we get around and hear a lot.)
Sadly many politically-correct nonentities feel that they have no option but to declare their "warm acceptance" of these publicity-seeking, often half-naked, sexually-disturbed weirdos.

But no fear, Rabbi Cowen is a far bigger person than any of them and as a principled Torah-true Talmid-Chacham and intellectual, his views will triumph. No amount of frilly-pink-underpants wearers can ever overcome this reality.

Let the ECAJ, AJN and all the other ABC-XYZs of the community concentrate on those who are truly suffering in silence and really want to be helped and leave the frilly-pink-undies screechers to the accomplished hands of Mikey and his one-man blog.

By the way, Mikey, how did you enjoy the cheese?


  1. B'H
    I had to laugh reading your post. Some nice turn of phrases there. Mikeybear is an obsessive publicity seeking narcissistic individual who is now jealous of a piece of cheese. I actually think he must be one of those individuals who must hog the limelight by any means available.
    To be honest I wish they would ban the stupid Mardi Gras in Sydney. I could not believe when I was teaching in NSW at Narrandara that some people there were going to Sydney for this 'event' and were paying to observe it from a room on Oxford street. To pay to watch these derranged and disturbed individuals parade themselves nearly naked in the streets in all mannner of get up is beyond my wildest imaginings. Why anyone would support these perverts is also beyond belief. The thing that most disturbs me is a Jewish Youth group that comes out and marches with them. That should be stopped. Who knows what damage these people do to impressionable young minds. That really concerns me and something should be done about it. Jewish Youth groups and homosexual support groups should not be mixed in together. They are two totally different groups with totally different agendas, one would hope. One is a healthy group of young Jews and the other is well, let's just leave it there.....

  2. well commented Ilana.

    The parents of the kids in Habonim and Mtzer must be absolutely thrilled to have their kids exposed to these underpanted depravities.

    Just don't come kvethcing to the schools, rabbis and the community when these same young club members decide that this is the lifstyle that they too want.

    Imagine! Everyone can have their own little Mikey in their own families.

    How proud you will all be!


  3. B'H
    I think someone should give Mikeybear a good kick in the pants. His latest blog post is way beyond the bounds of deceny if his blog could be called decent by any stretch of the imagination. I think not.
    I only keep an eye on it because I am collecting material if I decide to take him to VCAT for religious defamation and vilification. He is totally pathetic and his rant on Rabbi Gutnick in Sydney is sick, sick and sicker.

    1. I'm not sure the VCAT anti-discrimination commission would look to kindly upon your posts my dear.

  4. Dear AJN Watch,
    I want to remind you of my favourite midrash in which Rabbi Eliezer tries to prove his halachic argument by asking the carrob tree to move, the aquaduct to flow and the walls to bend. They all do but still the other Rabbis don't agree. Finally The Almighty intervenes to clarify the point. The heavenly voice speaks in Eliezer's favour but at that moment Rabbi Joshua stands up and rebukes the creator, making it clear that the Torah is here for us on earth and not with its author in heaven. The story ends with hashem pleased that his children have triumphed over him.

    I am sure of the Torah's eternal and divine nature but I am not convinced of the unbending truths you speak of. It seems to me that on the issue of homosexuality the AJN Watch community can do with some bending walls, at the least to avoid transgressing other mitzvoth and to learn some of the other lessons our wiser sages have taught us over the years.


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