Thursday, February 16, 2012

AJN e-paper - the choice is yours - pay or get it free!

Today, however, that sense missing out comes to an end.

Responding to reader demand, this week The AJN has launched a brand new electronic or “e-paper” version of the newspaper, available on a regular desktop or laptop.

Accessed via a separate subscription, The AJN’S e-paper is a full version of the newspaper, with the same look as the print edition

Subscribers can download the latest issue from 4am every Thursday morning to their computer.

The AJN’S e-paper also contains all the video, audio and sharing functionality of the extremely successful ipad edition.

“We were very pleased at the huge interest our readers have taken in our ipad edition,” said AJN operations manager Rod Kenning. “We realised that we wanted to extend the convenience and added value of an electronic edition of the paper to those readers who don’t have an ipad, so we created the epaper version.”

Priced around one-third cheaper than the print edition, an e-paper subscription gives you access to the current week’s newspaper, and the ability to download any previous edition of The AJN during the term of your subscription. Readers will also get access to both the Sydney and Melbourne editions.

The e-paper edition of can be accessed

AJNWatch readers, of course, were informed last May about the possibilty of getting both editions of the AJN (plus a few thousand other publications - local and overseas) FREE.

For details click here.

NOTE: Another advantage of getting your free e-paper is that it is available on your computer on Wednesday evening.


  1. Yes it worls. I got my card frm the State library today and have already saved a few bucks!


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