Sunday, June 13, 2010

Targum Yonasan and the Zohar - re flotillas?

Thank you to the AJN Watcher from Jerusalem who after reading our earlier post on signs of the approach of "Moshiach tzeiten", has kindly forwarded the following piece, quoting the Targum Yonasan and the Zohar, which, as we understand, may be referring to past and future "flotilla" activity against Israel.

We invite one of our rabbis or knowledgeable readers to translate this into English, for the benefit of those who have difficulty with Hebrew and Aramaic. (Another option: print it out and take it to your rabbi for elucidation.)

Remember, we welcome interesting material for publication.


  1. Very interesting post. While I understood most of the quotes, I too would appreciate an accurate English translation - to help me pass on to to my family.

  2. yeranen yaakov both translates and analyzes it. see here, based on Peirush Yonasan and Jastrow:

    kol tuv,


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