Friday, June 18, 2010

AJN v. The Age: The pot calling the kettle black!

Anyone remember the terrifying threat against us made at the time that this blog was created?  AJN's page-2 bore Adam Kamien warned us declaring: "Shmooze is looking at you!”
Meanwhile almost a year has passed and we have never, ever heard from him again.


Either everything that has been posted here has found favour in Kamien's beady little eyes or the most probably reason, someone slightly brainier than him whispered in his ear that giving publicity – any publicity - to your critics isn't really such a great idea.

But one can never be certain and we still shiver in our boots every week as we check out his page of sleaze and drivel. After all, who knows what little Adam – the AJN Watch watcher - has found wrong with this blog.

Of course we here at AJN Watch dom’t have any qualms about giving all types free publicity and thus we reproduce a piece, in fact a rare G-rated snippet - in last week’s issue. Yep, a snippet that you may actually allows kids under 15 to read.

Kamien pokes fun at the Age editing and proofreading standards as we see here:
But as readers realised when perusing the next page, maybe the AJN itself would be better off employing a few rabbits (or monkeys) themselves. On condition that these animals can count till 7.
Cast your eyes on this page three article where 3 times the AJN states that Rudd met with "6 (Jewish community representatives)" and lists all 7 of them!


  1. Kamiens column was the catalyst for my cancelation of my subscription to the AJN.

  2. I find this piece a little disturbing that AJN Watch is more concerned at flinging mud at AJN for an obvious attempt at light humour regarding the term Rabbit, when the real issue is glossed over by AJN Watch

    The reason it would seem that that there is a need for delegation of Lay leaders to work with the Prime Minister is due to the lack of Rabbinical ability and leadership on behalf of the ENTIRE Jewish community.

    Where are the Rabbis who are able and willing to lead from the front and NOT the rear.
    Perhaps the Rabbi's of the Adass who dress the part can do as their forebearers did in Europe and work with the Prime Minister on behalf of wider Jewish community.
    Perhaps the outstanding high learning of the Rabbis in the Kollel could stand us all in good grace as the Lita style Rabbis work with ministers on positive policy for the good of the Jewish people as was the case in Europe.

    or perhaps for the first time in the History of the Jewish people, our Rabbis are no longer able or willing to work for the benefot of the wider Jewish community with the highest levels of government.

    I get the impression that our modern Rabbis wearing ancient clothes are a far cry from the likes of Shmuel HaNaggid...

  3. don't worry.... there'll be a new PM soon.... and hopefully it will somehow be Malcolm Turnbull.... who has a wonderful connection with the Jewish community. No need to suck up to Rudd and his antisemitic government.


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