Sunday, February 28, 2010

Costco's Pesach Ad in the AJN

The most recent issue of AJN has a full-page ad from Costco Wholesale urging us to "stack up the savings for Pesach" by shopping with them. The impression of the accompanying picture is that it is tempting us with an assortment of Costco's Pesach items.
While this may not been the aim of the ad, it would have made sense to advise Costco that Vegemite and peanut butter are definitely off the menu during Pesach.

No doubt had there been someone at the AJN who had known this, they would have advised Costco accordingly. Sad.


  1. The artwork for this advertisement was designed by my brother's business for a separate Costco advertising campaign prior to it appearing in this Pesach advertisement in the AJN.

    Anyway, it's not the AJN's responsibility to advise their advertisers on the appropriateness of their artwork to the occasion it is being inserted for.


  2. Maybe it isn't the AJN's 'responsibility'. But an intelligent advertising consultant and even editor - if he reviews material, could have given some sensible advice.

    After al what does the non-Jewish fellow in charge at Costco know about such things?

  3. What? And a computer, tyre and bike are also for Pesach? That's Cotsco's standard graphic. Your's is a very immature and stupid post. If you've got a real gripe, find. But this is garbage.
    I'm happy that we'll be able to get some cheap stuff for Pesach. You should rather write and article about how we are getting scammed by the food importers.

  4. We DID advise the client. The client did not want to amend the artwork. And I'd thank you not to take that snide tone.

    AJN Insider

  5. This will take a big bite out of the local grocers like Rishon, Krausz, and Meal Mart. How can they compete? As far as the kosher butchers go they overcharge for kosher meat so competition is long overdue there, but some of these grocers are small guys and they could G-d forbid be put out of business by Costco.

  6. Never underestimate the "non-Jewish fellow in charge at Costco". Obviously he knows when best to place adverts and what foods to stock on his shelves. He's getting free air in this column too. Chances are if you could save enough money when buying your Pesach supplies you'd go there too.

    The AJN advertising consultant and editor are obviously intelligent. They managed to sell a full-colour page to Costco.

  7. Costco is going to take a big bite out of the business of the local Jewish grocers. Ouch!

  8. At least the poor strugling families won't need to go broke this Pesach.

  9. Maybe they will start reducing their prices for a change, when our dollar strengthens!

  10. This seder a cup of wine in honour of Cosco.
    God bless them.

  11. Some importers do not have calculators that can reduce prices when the Dollar strengthens. 55 cents or 90 cents exchange rates don't seem to reduce our prices.
    Lets hope Costco will change this rip of!!


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