Thursday, February 18, 2010

Guest Post: Rabbi Kupchik a Mushroom? And why does he have to talk like that?

Guest Post from Upset Lubavitcher:

Take a look at this piece on Chabad Info (taken from Yeshiva World News):

Then read the comments section in the YWN - including the following:

Dear YWN Editor,

Kupchick is NOT an official Chabad Shliach. he is what is called in Chabad a “Mushroom”, someone who sets up shop on his own and calls himself a shliach. he is not listed anywhere on which list all official chabad houses and locations.

It would probably be best if you deleted that article from your website as it will only spread false information to the general jewish public who may not know the difference. The only thing that article will accomplish is spreading Motzai Shem Rah on a group of Yidden who put their lives on the line every day to spread the message of Torah and Mitzvos.

See link for listing of all OFFICIAL Chabad Locations in India.

Does Kupchik think that he is doing the Rebbe or Chabad a favour by talking like he does?


  1. yeshivah gedolah is yechi

  2. IS this AJN Watch or internecine chabad strife watch?

  3. Snag, don't be so sensitive. Far better the civel bickering here on this blog than the heavy arguments and more that is sadly happening in the real Chabad world.

    I am grateful to ajn watch for keeping me informed about so many matters which are especially of interest to frum Jews and which for whatever reasons do do appear in hamodia.

    And snag (I bet you're really a lubavitcher)
    if you see hpw many comments have appeared on Chabad matters you'll realise that these topics are of greater interest to us than most others

  4. "Does Kupchik think that he is doing the Rebbe or Chabad a favour by talking like he does?" Yes, that is exactly what he does think, and he has adequate basis in the Rebbe's sichos to think so. The Rebbe did say that anyone who does his inyonim is his shliach, and any house that serves as a center for such activity is a Chabad house. Kupchik is being honest here: he was not sent to India by Chabad, and does not represent that organisation. He determined on his own that there was work to be done there, and decided on his own to do it, consulting nobody but his own conscience and his understanding of what the Rebbe wants from him. And therefore he understands himself to be not Chabad's shliach but the Rebbe's.

    Is he correct in that understanding? To determine that all we need to know is whether he is advancing the Rebbe's agenda or retarding it. Is he helping yidden? Is he causing them to do mitzvos they would otherwise not do, and saving them from averos they would otherwise do? Is he spreading the Baal Shem Tov's wellsprings, and thereby bringing the geulah closer? And is he doing all of these things in a way that is "miskabel" to his target audience, the Israeli backpackers in Pune? I don't think anyone can deny any of these things.

  5. that photo was taken in yg its from the


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