Friday, June 8, 2012

KA and the Treif restaurant in the Jewish News

We have countless times criticised the AJN for advertising non-Kosher establishments and products. (See here, here, here and here.)It is shameful behaviour proving that they sell their souls for a few dollars.

One would never see a non-Halal eatery advertised in a Muslim publication. But the 'voice of Australian Jewry" has no qualms about promoting desecration of Torah laws and at the same time hurting the feelings of thousands of traditional and Torah-observant Jews.

This week their insensitive behaviour went a step further. Opposite a half-page advertisement inserted by the NSW Kashrut Authority publicizing their services, the AJN placed a full page full colour ad for a Treif restaurant.

"Zeh keneged zeh"! What a disgrace! Are they totally brainless?

The KA should refuse to pay for this repulsive stab in their back by the publishers and generally should reconsider the value or even if there is a  Halachic hetter of adverting in such a publication.

And that,  by the way, goes for all religious institutions and organisations (and families) Australia-wide.

These day with the Hamodia widely available as well as email lists compiled by all groups, there is far less need to use the services of people who repeatedly spit in our face and degrade our religion.

 Think about it.


  1. AJNWatch - what you say about the AJN is perfectly true, but I disagree that frum orgs should cease promoting their work via its pages. Despite all its (all too many) flaws, the AJN is read by thousands of Yidden of all stripes, and in order to promote authentic Yiddishkeit to the masses, the AJN is a forum that cannot be ignored. In this case it is indeed offensive that the AJN put a full-page ad for a blatantly treif eatery side by side with an ad by the KA, but at least the KA is doing what it can to promote kashrus, even if it is via this media.

  2. Harry, can you nme even a handful of people whose Yiddishkeit has improveed by any article or ad in the AJN?

    The paper is full of shmootz, treif, often apikorsus and anti-religious views and chilul shabbos.

    What is astonishing is that after it has poured so much filth on chabad and their rabbis, that theur main advertisers are still chabad.

    You will rarely find Adass, Beth Talmud, Yesodei, Ger, Merkaz Torah, Heichal or Shaarei Tefila placing an ad in that rag. But Chabad spends tens of thousands of dollars annually to support this piece of rubbish

    I know they mean well. But agree with ajn watch comment that they should use other means of publicity and not be mesaye le'ovrei aveira

  3. I'm not sure my feelings are hurt though. Why should I let my feelings be hurt if I buy the paper once in a while and don't expect anything less?

  4. But why support those who desecrate our Torah/
    I would suggest that it may even be a chilul hashem for religious Jews to openly support such an anti-Torah masthead


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