Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chutzpah: Look who's sermonising Rambam and Remah!!

Should we laugh or cry? An assistant "rabbiette" from Melbourne's Reform Temple is "delving into Jewish sources" - quoting Shas and Poskim about the "religious obligation" to report child abuse allegations. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling.
[Just to make it clear, AJNWatch does not at all disagree with her conclusions about this sad and tragic issue and we accept the Psak Halacha of the gedolei hador, Rav Wosner, Rav Elyashiv, Rab M Shafran and others, that abuse claims should at the first instance be referred to the police and those authorities who are legally qualified and trained to investigate and handle these charges.

Having said that,] we express our incredulity at the unbelievable gall of a Reform clergyperson piously lecturing us and referring to the Chazal, Rambam, Rema and even Rav Eliezer Waldenberg.

(The same condemnation, by the way, goes to the AJN and its editor. Zeddy Lawrence really couldn't find a more suitably qualified writer, ie, an Orthodox Torah observing rabbi to state the Halachic case? Does anyone doubt that eg, Zeddy's brother. Sydney's Rabbi Jeremy couldn't have given the Torah viewpoint?) 

But seeing that you are "delving into Jewish sources", why don't you, Madam Rabbi, tell us what all of them have to say about the lifestyles of you parishioners and indeed members of the clergy of the Reform religion? Eg, the desecration of the Shabbat, intermarriage and/or consumption of Nevelot uTreifot? Indeed deleting almost the entire body of Halacha!

Or maybe you can inform us of their views regarding the way that you have duped hundreds of thousands of naive gentiles into believing that your hocus-pocus ceremony in a "Temple"  transforms them into Jews. And how they then marry them to trusting but ignorant "Kosher" Jews who have no idea that Halachically their new spouse isn't Jewish at all. And in cases where the 'convert' is female, neither are her children. Though, as this blog has previously revealed, being a 100% gentile is no holdback from becoming a rabbiette - as is a  colleague of yours (an unconverted daughter of an unconverted gentile woman). We wonder what any of the "Jewish sources" you quote would say upon hearing that not being Jewish is no bar to being employed as Temple clergy. 

Seriously, you sure have a nerve lecturing on what "Jewish sources" decree. Sources that you and your colleagues have disregarded and defied from the day that the deformed Reform idea was launched.

In addition to the reader having to endure your disingenuousness you mislead and deceive by 'cherry=picking' both your Rambams and your Chillul Hashems. This is unforgiveable.

You sanctimoniously quote Rambam thus:
but completely and deliberately overlook a few paragraphs on, where he so perfectly describes the appalling Chillul Hashem (and immeasurable damage) that you Reform clergypeople have been responsible for for almost 2 centuries - promoting assimilation and spiritually destroying vast segments of Jewry. 

Read here what else the Rambam has to say about Chillul Hashem and put his words in your next AJN article.

By the way, we wonder, seeing that Kim is such an expert on the Rambam, did she happen to notice how she and her religion contravene and corrupt thousands and thousands of edicts stated in that very same Mishnah Torah? How could she not feel hypocritical when writing that article?

Furthermore, seeing that you are in to Psika of Rav Waldenberg maybe you could bring yourself to be honest enough to tell us about his views on you and all other Reform "rabbis" and about the caricature and mockery of Judaism that your version of religion has created.


  1. An excellent post AJNWatch. It is indeed hypocrisy in the extreme that this self-proclaimed "Rabbi" has taken it upon herself to invoke traditional Jewish teachings in relation to this issue, whilst concurrently ignoring the many other traditional Jewish teachings that the Reform movement and its adherents so blatantly flout on a daily basis.

    You also rightly point out that such an article should have been written by an authentic rabbi. Perhaps the problem is that local rabbis are reluctant to make a stand on the issue in supporting reporting abuse directly to the authorities. Yes, the RCV has said that one should do so, but there has been little said or written (from what I have seen, please do correct me if I'm wrong) beyond this by the rabbis, possibly because of the sensitivity vis-a-vis the Yeshivah College abuse claims before the courts.

    Some months ago the AJN reported about a Sydney Chabad rabbi who disagreed with many of his colleagues (and with the ruling of the Beis Din of Crown Heights) and said that parents must approach their rabbi before reporting any suspected abuse to the police. While his views were roundly condemned by other rabbis, I have yet to see any of these rabbis put pen to paper and explain the halachic position in support of this. This would go a long way to convincing the community that halachah demands direct reporting to police in such cases and that anyone who says otherwise is simply not using the same shulchan aruch. The community needs to be of one mind on this highly important and sensitive issue and the rabbis should be making this clear.

    Getting Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence to write such an article is an excellent idea.

  2. Thank you you watchers. You make some excellent points displaying the hypocrisy of the reform and progressive rabbis.

    I suppose they realise that talking halacha to their own people woul dbe a total waste of time. So they preach to religious Jews..

    What a joke!

  3. I don't know anything about Ettinger, but wouldn't be surprised to hear that she too, like virtually all her members, is a pure tinok shenishbah who never had an opportunity to learn about authentic Torah values.

    Maybe some of our more experienced Chabad kiruv workers should get in touch with her and have a chat

  4. YTR you forget that the Chazal say to stay away from and 'apikores yisroel


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