Sunday, April 8, 2012

A couple of birth notices overlooked

Sydneysider writes:
I was surprised (and a bit disappointed) that your 'specialist' on names (see here and here) missed a few beauties in the Sydney edition of the AJN recently.

Here you have them for the delight of readers:
AJNWatch comment:
There's obviously a nice story behind these notices and we are interested to hear from anyone who knows it.

Meanwhile here's another unusual name from last week's edition:

Interesting name אז - maybe as in אז ישיר משה - thus having some relevance to Pesach...


  1. B'H
    And I thought I hated the name I was given at birth. It pales in comparison to the above two names. Oliver Jack, yeah, ok a kid can live with that, but the girls' names?????
    Gee, I wish some parents would be realistic in choosing names. I guess they have a novel of the proportions of War and Peace behind the giving of such.....goodness me is all I can say.
    Just imagine the first day at school and trying as a preppie to write your full name. Poor little tykes!

  2. Seems to me that 2 cousins are trying to outdo each other with piling on a bunch of 'interesting' names.
    Sure hope these kids wil appreciate this in later life - especially when having to fill out forms.

    It also seemed to me that the first notice doesn't mention a dad at all. (Unless I missed it amongst the rest of the mob).

  3. You're behind the times - women don't need a 'dad' to have children these days!

  4. B'H
    And anonymous you are so lucky that you did not put your name to such a ridiculously stupid post. Of course, unless you are the notorious Lesbian who converted and has told me that 'it is well known in the Frum community that you are a lady with BIG mental issues and no one wants anything to do with you, Ilana', I have news for you.
    Unless you are totally unaware of tne nature of conception and totally ignorant, a man and woman is still needed to create a child. Of course, the hard part is being a decent parent.
    And I have news for you. Children need both a mother and father. I do not care what some half baked idiot, gay, hetrosexual, bisexual tri sexual or whatever other mad blend of family sexuality the nutters have thought up to constitute a family. A child does best with a half sane mother or father or fully sane parents of male / female combination.
    In all this, we need to consider what the child needs and what gives a child the best advantage in life and gives them a normal outlook on life. Why would anyone want to bring kids into this world and have them at a disadvantage with an oddball arrangement is beyond me.
    I am not a single parent by choice. I tried for five years to have a child and I was married for six years to person who decided when I was four months pregant that I might miscarry and therefore he met and married a woman twenty five years his junior. Good luck to him I say. I will not get married again unless I meet someone who will be worthy to raise my son Jewishly and who is my equal intellectually. As far as I can see there is no one I know of who fits the bill and I find my own company quite inspiring and peaceful and have done for the last eight or nine years.

  5. Wow I am shocked by the above post- I cannot fathom why such a malicious & down right nasty comment was made- there is no connection to the preceding post yet another individual has been targeted & shamed... does that make you feel good?? Public humiliation is loshon horo... the lessons of sefira are hollow

  6. If you are referring to the post about AZ I can't see what shocked you there.
    It was an interesting comment about an interesting name.
    And even the preceding one seemed harmless and obviously commented upon similarly by anyone who noticed them in the paper.

    And especially the way those notices were inserted it is more than obvious that the whole idea of such an ad was to get people talking about it.

    Therefore your accusations of 'public humiliation and loshon horo' are totally baseless.

    It would be interesting if anyone knows the people involved to get their views on the Ajn watch take of things

  7. I was refering to the post by Ilana Leeds and her first paragraph.


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