Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tzetz, Shmetz - abi gezunt!

From Yankel B.
"Interesting to see how none of the 3 clergymen featured in the ad nor anyone on the staff of the AJN noticed the incorrect spelling in the Hebrew version of עץ חיים.

Ameratzus reigns..."

Sure does. Reminds us of  "Temple Nit Yisrael"


  1. why would anyone be surprised that both the Jewish News and the Templars are ignorant in Judaic matters?

  2. B'H
    Figures. Hebrew and the correctness of its spelling like their Judaism is suspect. It looks like a goyishe X mas card with the three jolly wise men. No thank you for me, but then it may be to the taste of some. ((SHRUG)))

  3. Tell me Yankel, Miriam and Ilana....will you be equally harsh about typo or grammar errors made by users of this site?

  4. WW, no I won't be. I'll leave criticising this blog to you

  5. But Anonymous....when have I ever criticised the blog? I strongly support diversity of opinion and views and am delighted that this site exists.
    I trust any debate I've entered into has been reasoned and would be eager to apologise if you can find any examples to the contrary.
    On the other hand, I think there is a double standard when the webmaster and correspondents are eager to criticise the AJN or Reform Jews for typos without acknowledging their own mistakes.
    I think there is an issue when regular correspondents to this site criticise the AJN for inappropriate language, yet are happy to throw around foul language and insults directed at "the other".
    So Anonymous - given that it is Elul - perhaps we could all be a little introspective and ask whether the standards we demand of those we disagree with are matched by the standards we demand of ourselves and our friends.

  6. Watcher's watcher, you don't think it is a 'shande'h that Australia's only mainstream Jewish paper hasn't got anyone who knows or can proofread Hebrew?

  7. WW. Please don't waste your time. This is a sab website run by a smug arrogant person with a holier than thou attitude. The premise of the website is that their view of things is correct and all others are to be ridiculed.
    You will not find any mention of matters that don't fit their world view (eg Leifer).
    I agree that it's correct to point out how sad they are. However, I suggest you don't try to reason with them. The only way to challenge them is to stoop to their low level. However, most civilised people aren't comfortable to do that.

  8. anonfellow, why are you spending time reading this blog?
    It's quite obvious that you do not share the values espoused here.
    Go to Galus Aust or one of the others where you will be able to agree and accept whatever their writers post.

  9. DR - I am disappointed when any writing has errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation or typography. However I don't know that I would regard such errors as scandalous.

    I suspect, for example, that in your post you intended to write
    --- 'shandeh' ---
    rather than
    --- 'shande'h ---.

    I am sure that you proofread your work before posting it, but an error still slipped through, even though it was just a one-sentence post. It happens to all of us from time to time - which is why I find the outrage at the AJN's error to be a bit overdone. I assure you that The Age, Hamodia and Der Yid make just as many in English, Hebrew and Yiddish respectively.

  10. Anonfellow and ajnwatch fan.
    I am afraid I disagree with you both. I think it is far more important to read the views of people you disagree with than views you already hold. How else do you develop a more learned, nuanced and tolerant position?

    It seems to me that ajnwatch fan who should be regularly reading GalusAustralis, and anonfellow who should be reading this site.

  11. Agree with wathers watcher. I come from a totally different background and somehow landed on this blog.

    I have had my eyes opened to a totally different pov.

    True, I often disagree with the postings, but it has given me some insight into the thoughts of people from the other side of the street - not the kind of commentary that one finds in the AJN or other "mainstream" Jewish media.

    I appreciate that the blogmasters allow comments which criticise them(sometimes quite harshly).


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