Friday, September 23, 2011

AJN again kicks Shabbat in the guts

Though rarely surprised at anything that the AJN does, readers who cherish their religion and its traditions were sickened and disgusted by the paper featuring the AJAX Chilul Shabbat team on their front page. Adding to the insult, this was done only a few days off from Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, when even Jews who have little to do with Judaism all year, come to Shul and pray for health and prosperity.

Obviously this publication has absolutely no Jewish values at all.
And the same goes for Michael Burd, who is a regular in the letter pages of the AJN as well as the Age, defending Israel from its enemies and critics. One had expected that he would be the last person to praise the trampling of Shabbat and the Torah. Such blatant desecration of one of the major tenets of our faith gives you "inspiration"!?

Shame on all of you; Ajax, AJN and Burd!

As for the following advertisement in the Sydney edition by Harvey Norman, we seriously wonder, which moron advised them to invite the Jewish community to join them for a Saturday-only "re-opening fun day"?

Shouldn't someone explain to Harvey Norman that just because the Jewish News insults the sensibilities of observant Jews, it doesn't mean that they too should do so?


  1. Thank you AJNWATCH for defending the honor of the holy Shabbos! Keep up the great work. You are a much needed resource for the Torah-observant community.

    And a Gut Shabbos to you and all readers

  2. Why are you surprised at Michael Burd'a distinct lack of affinity to the Jewish religion? Don't you recall what he said to Vox Pops in the AJN about his preparations for Pesach?

  3. Burd said (and I'm paraphrasing after a good few years), that at most he'll buy some Matzos.

  4. To AJN Watch
    I guess my letter re The AJAX football club was outside my usual portfolio of identifying , exposing and Shaming left wings Jews for their perennial Israel Bashing and acting as the best advocates the Palestinians and Arabs have in Australia.
    As many of my friends are avid AJAx supporters including the President I thought I would express my genuine pride in our Jewish boys performance in the two Grand Finals.

    Although I am not a religious Jew I am a proud of my heritage and did not mean any disrespect to my fellow Jews.If did I apologize.

    BTw I don't remember Salbe's 'alleged' quote he attributes to me in the AJN re Matozos or what ever so I can't comment on it.

    How ever one thing I do remember is if you google ''Salbe' and 'Palestinians'' you will read a quote from Salbe where he says he has been fighting for Palestinian rights for over 35 years . Perhaps as editor/ spokesperson of Australian Jewish Democratic Society should be renamed Australian Palestinian Undemocratic society '' ?

    I guess the difference between Salbe and his ' comrades ' is I have been fighting for '' Jewish Human rights for 35 Years... go Figure!

  5. That last comment was obviously by Michael Burd - but wasn't signed

  6. Why can't so called "observant Jews" accept that there are other interpretations of the Torah, particularly in the light of modern research? The problem so many have with the Talmud is that it was "snap frozen" in the 6th Century when it was written down, against all previous traditions. Some of the recent post Talmudic Shabbat prohibitions make no sense to modern people who cannot reconcile them with the Torah.
    You have your ways we have ours and we Progressive Jews can at least justify our views with logic. We do accept your views even if we strongly disagree with them. The "observant" views are not without problems look at the Haridi who deny the existence of the Jewish State. I would much rather align with Michael Burd than them on this one.

  7. I am sorry, but I just dont get it. The AJN is for Jewish readers, observant and non observant. I am non observant and I go to Shule on only the high holidays, but I dont take offence or nor am I worried or concerned about the conduct of observant jews, so why should observant Jews be worried or concerned about the behaviour of non observant Jews? There are many different levels of observance, but we are all still Jewish, so why shouldnt the AJN report the news that is of high interest to the Jewish community

  8. Achad Ha'am (no Charedi, by any description), is quoted as saying "More than the Jews kept the Shabbat, the Shabbat kept the Jews".

    I agree with the post. Making a full front page to-do about a Saturday footy match demeans Shabbat and distresses observant Jews

  9. Oy heilige Shabbos...... If only those of you who disagree with this post could understand the sanctity of our Holy Shabbos, and the Divine gift that was given to us... I live in Jerusalem, and I heard a beautiful quote from a Rav who was in a taxi on a Friday afternoon, he asked the secular driver, "Do you know why I say Shabbos, Shabbos when I see someone violating Shabbos? It's not out of anger or malice; rather because I'm pained at their lack of understanding and appreciation of the Shabbos."


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