Monday, January 24, 2011

Amazing grapes: "Without fear of Shmitta and foreskin..."

Forwarded from the SBA list:

Someone has emailed me a copy of a label for a brand of Israeli grape juice “Hamalug”. It carries the Hechsherim of both Agudas Yisroel and Rabbanut Jerusalem.
The (English) ingredients list includes the following gems:

“preservatives according to standards”,
“underwent pasteurization”,
“blessed by Borei Pri Hagefen”,
“Accepted as well by Maran Bet Yosef”,
“JNF (!?) 88 calories at 100ml”,
“Terumah (priestly tithe on produce)"
“This Tirosh is bottled in a new bottle and cooked”

But the gold medal must go to.....
"Without fear of Shmitta and foreskin” (!!!).

(For those who didn't catch on, that last attribute was their (or Google's) translation of נקי מחשש שמיטה וערלה (“naki mechashash shemittah v’orloh”)…



  2. Some more peirushim on this label:

    "Hamutag" means "the brand".
    And "tirosh" means fresh grape juice.

    "JNF" is of course kilocalories (Kuf Kuf Lamed) = Keren Kayemet LeYisrael.

    Note that the name of the product is "Grapes Juice"

  3. We're used to this; the best I've seen so far is an ad by the Municipality of Jerusalem:

    "Jerusalem! There is no such city!"

    Probably translated from "Yerushalyim! Ein Odd Ihr Kazot"

  4. hahahahaha. great post!


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