Friday, May 28, 2010

AJN's free publicity to treif German-style restaurant

Received from a reader who (most unusual for him) requested anonymity:

"If you ever wanted the ultimate non-kosher experience, check out page 4 of the motoring supplement in the Jewish News this week."

We have no idea who Jason Stevens is. The name, at least, doesn't sound Jewish, in which case we can't blame him for singing the praises of that chazir-treif German-style restaurant. And after all, his employers are constantly advertising nevelot utreifot establishments.

Despite this, it seems that the Jewish News has sunken to a new low here. There isn't even the non-excuse that they were being paid for this - and for money, as we know, they are prepared to sell their souls. 

All they achieved was to upset their religious and traditional readers by giving free publicity to this place.

And it sure exposes the incredible hypocrisy of the AJN's lecturing and editorialising on the best ways to advance Kashrut in Australia.

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  1. absolutely outrageous! this just goes to show that the ajn has no stature, authority or moral ability to pontificate on any kashrus issues. it is a publication that is far from Torah and should not be given any credence by our kehillah


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