Monday, May 31, 2010

KA x 2, 3 or 4?

A reader forwarded a screen shot of the NSW KA's web page, where we learn that "NSW" has been dropped from their name and are now known as THE Kashrut Authority.

Presumably this was in response to Melbourne (nee Mizrachi) Kashrut namechange to Kosher Australia. It seems each organization wishes to give the impression that it represents the Australian Kashrut “industry”.

We have heard (not from anyone in an official position) that the board of Adass Vaad HaKashrus are considering a suggestion that they call themselves “Kosher Adass”. Add to that the Perth community’s KA WA and we may end up with 4 KA’s in Australia!

Which makes us a bit sorry for Rabbi Meir Rabi and his non-“KA” brand - “Kosher veYosher”.

However, there has long been a rumor that the business name of “Kosher Australasia” has been reserved by someone not associated with “Kosher Australia”. Maybe that person would be kind enough to transfer this registration to Rabbi Rabi - so he too can sport a “KA” label…


  1. the Kashruth Authority (KA) was subject to detailed and critical investigation from the Trade Pratices Authority a few years ago. (TPA).
    the TPA made some critical findings but declined to make any orders however "recommended" significant changes in the way the KA operated. I am not aware that any of those recommendations were adopted.
    The operators of the KA have not been elected by the community at large and therefore do not speak for the community. Anyone who is interested in KAshruth should voice their opinions in this regard before final decisions are made.
    As far as Sydney is concerned keeping Kosher has become significantly more expensive over the years and now we do not even have a formal Kosher restaurant in a city of around 30,000 Jews.
    we have an opportunity which has opened the door for a full debate on who controls the industry of Kashrut in this country and whether they are performing appropriately.

    we should use this opportunity to have a debate.
    I feel the AJN is the appropriate vehicle to do so

    harry freedman


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