Wednesday, April 28, 2010

" Eruv 'treif' ": Another misleading AJN headline

The AJN continues to misinform its readers with deceptive and sensationalist headlines, as seen in our sneak preview to this Friday's edition.

Maybe, as they did with former editor Ashley Browne, its time to send their headline writer packing.


  1. Yeah another AJN beatup.
    Meanwhile kol hakavod to you - giving us ths scoop on Wednesday night!

  2. I just cut and pasted this from the AJN website - Caption under the photo.
    "Religious Jews pushing a pram on Shabbat thanks to the eruv. Photo: Peter Haskin/AJN file."
    Now they are taking photos of frum yidden on Shabbos R"L. DO NOT BUY THE AJN!!!!

  3. If the AJN wants to know why the vast majority of frum Jews don't subscribe to their rag, they should yurn to the semi-porn picture in last week's issue.
    I doubt that the herald Sun would publish such a disgusting - even for non-frum Jews - photograph . A newspaper supposely for family reading displaying this stuff! Feh!
    This is in addition to Kamien's weekly smutty garbage!

    I am surprised that AJNWatch didn't comment about last week's tinuf. Although maybe that could have created interest by some.

    The rabbis who are concerned about all kinds of irrelevant matters should take this into consideration.
    The RCV should talk to the editor and warn him that if they don't desist, they will recommend to their members to stop buying and advertising in the AJN.

    Even the Reform-member owner Zablud whould be concerned about such a threat.

    Rabbis, wake up! Ad Mosay???


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