Monday, October 19, 2009

Thank you to letter-writers

Orthodox communal identity Mr David Ainsworth is well known in Sydney for his unbending dedication and fealty to Torah and Mitzvot. He is also known as a person who does not to meekly bend to or tolerate violations of Halacha. He shows this by fearlessly protesting and objecting to communal infringements of Halacha. AJN Watch has been sent a reply he recent addressed to Albert Dadon's invitation to a gala luncheon for the Australia-Israel Leadership Forum where treif food is on the menu.
If more members of the community, especially rabbis and lay-leaders, would emulate Mr Ainsworth’s uncompromising attitude, the standards of Yiddishkeit in this country would increase dramatically.

And here is a letter to the AJN editor, which reiterates our long-standing criticism of the AJN’s resident page-2 smut-peddler Adrian Kamien.

Maybe its time for more Rebbetzen’s should join the campaign to cleanse that newspaper of its filth.)

And another published letter reflecting our recent comments re AJN’s hypocritical Kashrut concerns.


  1. Dear AJNWatch,

    You'll be happy to note that my comment that I posted to the AJN site about the AJN publishing ads for kosher food (which the AJN printed and which you have reproduced above) was prompted by the report on your blog.

    Yeyasher koach on your efforts in highlighting the anti-frum bias of the AJN. Your blog is long overdue.

    Yaakov A.

  2. Unfortunately the Sydney events of the Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce are all treif, unlike in Melbourne. In conversation with the former director of the Chamber's Young Business Forum some years' ago, she explained that the Chamber does not view itself as a Jewish organisation, but as a business one promoting trade with Israel. I find this attitude disturbing, to say the least. When a large number of members are likely to be Jewish and the event is one connected with Eretz Yisrael (albeit in an entirely secular context), it would make sense for kosher food to be served...

  3. It is truly a disgrace that Jewish and Israeli organisations serve up treifeh meals. Where are the rabbis and the Kashrut organisations? Why do we not hear their protests and even bans against attending such affairs? Is there only one david Ainsworth in Australia?
    There was a time when the Chabad had a Kashrut campaign. What happened to that? After all 50% of Australia's rabbis identify with Chabad and if they decided to do something then there could be an improvement. Wake up!!


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