Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More on the treife Gala Luncheon arranged by the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange

AJN Watch has been forwarded a letter sent by Rabbi Chaim Ingram, the Honorary Secretary of the Rabbinical Council of NSW to all members of that organization.
Rabbi Ingram is again to be applauded for his uncompromising approach and dedication to Torah values. Halevai, we had more such outspoken and fearless rabbanim.

Dear Chaverim,

Many of you may have received an invitation for an Gala Luncheon under the auspices of the Australia Israel Cultural Exchange Ltd which is taking place at The Westin in Martin Place, Sydney on Thurs 3rd Dec.

Having already been tipped off that treife food was to be served at this event, I rang the RSVP number and spoke to someone by the name of Sarah (not Jewish). Feigning ignorance, I inquired whether the event was kosher. Her response was "no but we can see what we can do about arranging kosher food for you". I said that will not be necessary as I could not in all conscience attend a function such as this where non-kosher food was being served and consumed. Her response, interestingly, was to say "we have had a couple of similar responses along those lines (good!) and, having now received yours, I will ask Melinda (the RSVP addressee) to contact the organisers to register these comments.

May I respectfully urge all chaverim who have received an invitation to this event to respond, preferably by phoning the RSVP number 9389-8988, on similar lines. Even if you have not received an invitation, you may be moved to ring that number and object that a (nominally at least) Jewish organisation is holding a public treife function. Maybe the organisers will start to get the message.

BeVirkat Kol Tuv

Kol Tuv
Rabbi Chaim Ingram
Honorary Secretary


  1. It's an absolute disgrace and chilul Hashem that
    groups representing Israel and Jews serve treif food. Where, o, where is that wonderful defender of Kashrut in Australia - the Australian Jewish news??

    Not even a report about these treif affairs?

    Why not?

    And how many rabbis have sermonised on this topic?

  2. I am concerned that the Rabbi is suggesting that uninvited parties ring regardless.

    I would hope that those of you planning on ringing up and complaining, would otherwise have attended, were the function strictly kosher. Otherwise, you are simply meddling in others' affairs.

  3. You are wrong, Dan. It is the duty of every single Jewish person who respects our laws and traditions to voice his/her protest at the shameful behaviour of certain "Jewish" groups.

    Can you imagine Muslims serving pork at their affairs?

    Keep on protesting until this stops.

    Rabbi Ingram you are a hero of the Sydney Jewish community! A true Rav, who follows the Torah dictum Lo Tagiru bifnei Ish.
    If we only had more such brave and fearless rabbanim, our standards would improve dramatically.

    And thank you AJN Watch for bringing this out in the public arena. After all, we couldn't rely on the Jewish News to do this, could we??


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