Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A keen Hamodia reader in New York

Maybe if the AJN also had such dedicated and ardent readers, it's circulation figures would improve and not require lame excuses.


  1. The Hamodia (here and internationally) continues to grow in readership as not only mature adults but even young people of communities from Modern Orthodox/Mizrachi through to chassidim buy the newspaper. Its coverage of Israeli and world Jewish news is second to none. In fact one shopkeeper told me that he has quite a few very non-religious Jews who buy the paper regularly because of this. he also told me that he sells 10 Hamodias for each Jewish News!

    The Jewish News has very few readers under the age of 30 (just ask at the local newsagency and Jewish store that sells it). They also have very few readers amongst the frum communities in East St Kilda and Caulfield.

    When you remove those 2 groups, what have you got left? Not much.

    I recall years ago the AJN used to proudly state that it is ABC (Australian Bureau of Circulations) audited. We don't see that any more. Guess why...

  2. Actually I have also started buying the Hamodia a few months ago (part of the reason was being fed up of the "Newish Jews") and I find it very up to date and newsy. On Israel news they have very good coverage, and the features and magazine are also very nice.
    Pleasant reading, keeps you up to date with the news, and noe of this self-hating attitude which readers of the JN have become used to.
    Worth looking into, to all you out there who still waste your time and money on the JN.

  3. I cancelled my subscription to the AJN. I no longer wanted my children or grandchildren exposed to its content.

  4. Atoz
    What i don't understand is, if you dislike the AJN that much why do you waste your time reading. It is in your opinion so treif why lower yourself to review it? I guess it beats dealing with issues of peadophilia, child abuse, marital abuse, mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse in the orthodox community. Oh silly me, like homosexuality which doesnt exist in the orthodox community nor do these issues exist because the community is so observant, they are all resolved by a bit of prayer and repentance.

  5. Atoz. AJN Watch was created because over past decades it has been proven that remaining silent to assaults, prejudice and misreporting by the Jewish News has achieved nothing. Worse, it emboldened the editors and writers to often report matters relating to the frum community in an almost ‘anti-Semitic' manner. (How can we forget that Kron cartoon of a religious Jew charged with a criminal offence – being portrayed with a Stuermer-influenced large/hooked Jewish nose?)

    The raison d'ĂȘtre of AJN Watch is clearly stated: "…comments on prejudice, misrepresentation and monopolistic abuse of power in the pages of the Australian Jewish News - especially regarding the observant community…It is this blog's mission to spotlight errors, expose misrepresentations and vigorously respond to items that malign or defame the Orthodox community."

    The straw that broke the camel’s back was that disgusting “Charged” front page poster. Something HAD to be done. And this blog is it.

    Remember,'turning the other cheek' is part of Christian theology - not Jewish.

    And you may be interested to learn that we have had a number of off-blog comments telling us that AJN Watch is clearly working. Their view is that Jewish News has lessened its anti-frum rhetoric - for which we may or may or not be correct in taking some credit, maybe even for the sacking of repeat-offending editor Ashley Browne.

    As for your other comments, no one has ever claimed that the orthodox community doesn't have its issues. However that is not the purpose of this blog and we leave such matters to the experts who seem to be handling them competently.

  6. And the vast irony of this blog is that the writer of the AJN Watch is one of the most prejudiced bullies of them all.

  7. I notice this reader is re-enforcing negative stereo types by not actually paying for the publication!!!!!

  8. AJN watch writer a bully?? Where did you see this? i would say that he/she reacts to what is in his/her opinion attacks and anti-religious prejudice.

  9. Congratulations to AJN Watch for an excellent job in exposing the AJN's disgusting antifrum bias.
    Keep up the good work


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