Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J-Wire tips new AJN editor

From J-Wire:
Zeddy Lawrence tipped to be new AJN editor
by Henry Benjamin

Informed sources have told J-Wire that Zeddy Lawrence, editor of the London Jewish News, is tipped to take over the role at the helm of the Australian Jewish News.The sources have said that he is a witty, polished newspaperman who can only benefit the Australian Jewish media flagship.

Zeddy Lawrence

According to British Jewish website, www.totallyjewish.com, Lawrence is a former TV comedy scriptwriter and radio presenter and is now the editor of the Jewish News [London].
Sources who know him well have told J-Wire that he will be a welcome addition to the Australian Jewish community and that he is expected to be based in Melbourne. To read an example of his writing skills click here . The page contains links to many articles written by Lawrence.
As yet, Lawrence’s new position at the AJN remains unconfirmed. Zeddy Lawrence is the brother of Sydney’s Great Synagogue’s Rabbi Jeremy Lawrence


  1. There goes kamien's chance. (Thanks Heavens for that!)

  2. Let's hope that Zeddie doesn't create too much embarrasment for brother Jeremy.


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