Sunday, June 28, 2009


While most members of the Australian Jewry were appalled and sickened at the sensationalism of the front page of last week’s newspaper, many religious Jews just shrugged their shoulders and stated the obvious: “Nu, what can we expect from our self-hating anti-semitic mamzerim”. After all, this is not the first time that the Jewish News has done all in its power to besmirch and slander the face of frum Jews and if nothing is done about it - neither the last time.

As one prominent rabbi stated: “The Zionists have Antony Loewenstein and we have the Jewish News”. While both are outstanding examples of Jewish self-hatred, the AJN in constantly attacking Loewenstein is also guilty of hypocrisy and duplicity.

For the so-called voice of Australian Jewry to so recklessly and idiotically supply fodder to every Nazi and anti-semitic website in the world is simply sickening - even according to their bottom-scraping standards. Check out the Jew-hater's websites and you'll find most of them gleefully linking and quoting from the Australian Jewish News - helping them confirm their hate-propaganda about Jews and rabbis being swindlers and thieves. If the AJN is aiming to increasing anti-semitism worldwide, it is indeed being very successful.

If Chabad communities all over Australia - as well as the orthodox Synagogues - had any pride or self-respect, they would place a ban on all advertising - communal, business and personal on the AJN both their own and of their constituents - until the accepted minimal standards. It is a colossal Chilul Hashem seeing "Stuermer'-style rabbinical vilification on one page and advertisements placed by religious/Chassidic organizations on another.

The AJN ought to be ashamed of itself, but the orthodox community should not sit back and turn the other cheek.


  1. I couldn't agree more with you. Let's support the Hamodia and ignore the Jewish News. They do not deserve our support.

  2. Wondering if you would expect the Jewish News to:
    a. not cover the Rabbi Engel story at all as it is not newsorthy
    b. put the story at the back of the paper in a small article
    c. put the story in the front few pages

  3. It's an important news story and must be reported on - but not like a tabloid. There was absolutely no call for the sort of front page pictured above. A responsible community newspaper would have run a sober and balanced news story, giving the facts without sensationalising them.

  4. I don't really think they are sensationalising them - Adelaide is still a part of Australia. They have been involved in turmoil ever since the guy's contract ended. Take a outer-perspective and realise the consequences the Beth Din in Sydney have in supporting him all the way through that, and now what the synagogue was saying all along about this charges or whatever is justified (regardless the outcome of the case).

    I think you are taking the issue too far. We can't just protect ourselves all the time. Sure, we might create our own anti-Semitism - but we're not bias towards ourselves - we have no need to protect ourself, this is the truth and yes it's sad that it is the truth - btu that's the problem.

    The more diverse reporting from all areas of Australian Jewry, the more professional we become as a community and the more we can move on to be a strong and informed community.

  5. Who suggested that Adelaide is not part of Australia? Of course it is; how does that make the AJN's coverage less sensational? Your claim makes no sense at all. You might as well have written "I don't really think they are sensationalising them - the moon is still round", or "...Tasmania is still an island". What has a fact of geography got to do with the AJN's appalling excuse for journalism?

    As well as improving your grasp of logic, you might also try writing in coherent English.

  6. Somebody must have had an interest in seeing Rabbi Engel "charged", which could be the same person(s) that are actually responsible for the fraud.

    The children's school-report-cards are a fact.
    That those children did not receive Hebrew lessons from the Rabbi or his wife is also a fact.

    So the acquittal of Rabbi Engel leaves us with the likely conclusion that somebody else in the community was responsible for the fraud, somebody more powerful and important than the Rabbi...


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