Sunday, June 28, 2009

Calling on our Sydney readers!

AJN Watch is based in Melbourne and currently has no Sydney representatives. The only material that we can access out of Sydney is what we find on the AJN website, which, as with the Melbourne edition, is not much.

(Unlike other newspapers which have comprehensive online editions, the AJN realises that they cannot allow this, as their hard-copy sale figures would plummet. Whilst other media sources _ Jewish and non-Jewish are reaping big bucks from online advertising, it seems that businesses have given the AJN the thumbs down. Just check out how little advertising their site has.)

Thus we make a special request to our Sydney visitors, please scan and forward any items that you feel may need addressing. We appreciate your help.

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  1. Thanks for this blog. Long overdue IMHO
    As for not having a hard copy of the Sydney AJN, you're not missing too much. Most of the offensive materials appear in both editions though the ads are different and maybe a few of the letters.

    Hamodia is becoming more and more popular even among non charedim as its news coverage is fantastic. We wish them as well as ajnwatch hatzlacha rabba


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