Thursday, October 4, 2012

Emanuel: You don't have to be Jewish...

We are not quite sure why the AJN seems to be making such a fuss about the fact that a non-Jew - intermarried to a Jewish woman - has been appointed president of the Emanuel school. After all, the same mob even have a long-serving rabbi-ette who is non-Jewish. So what's the big deal?

So let's recap. Emanuel has a non-Jewish clergywoman, a non-Jewish principal and a non-Jewish school president.
Quote: "...McCorquodale’s religion is irrelevant.  “Emanuel School is committed to having the best people in the roles of principal and president and if they are Jewish, then they are Jewish, if they are not, then they are not.” ...
We look forward to a future Emanuel president and principal (and why not rabbi?) who is a Hindu or Muslim. Now THAT would show how truly egalitarian, unrestricted and classless our Reformers are!
But seriously, can anyone explain why not save the millions of dollars that schnorred annually to keep this (non-)Jewish school afloat, when they could just as easily enrol their kids in a classy local C. of E. school and offer an hour or two of the Emanuelese watered-down version of "Judaism"?
Go figure.


  1. I concur with the sentiments you have expressed in this post. It is only a pity that Moriah College in Sydney which is - at least in name - Orthodox, has appointed its second non-Jewish principal in a row. The last Jewish principal they had was unceremoniously fired, apparently because he was "too frum". With such goings-on at an "Orthodox" school, it is no wonder that Emanuel as a Reform school (even though it likes to describe itself as a "community" school) is taking things one step further...

  2. If I am not mistaken Harry, you are a Sydneysider. Why don't you ask the local Orth rabbis and laymen why they are not complaining directly to the Moriah board?

  3. unlike adass in melb. and the yeshiva in melb. they are not in the news or courts for pedophilia

    that is what getting the best for the job means


  4. um, ben gershon, sorry to disabuse you, but about 3 years ago the former head of Jewish Studies at Emanuel was arrested for possession of child pornography... (He of course immediately resigned from his role at the school.). Unfortunately child abuse crosses all boundaries - secular and religious...


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