Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ajax Football Club promotes Chillul Shabbos!

Guest post from "A Frum sports-lover"

So now it is not only the AJN that encourages and sponsors Chillul Shabbos but also the Ajax Football Club together with the help of a bunch of sponsors who shamelessly advertise a "Community Day" where boys and girls, young and old get together and desecrate the holy Shabbos.

This outrageous and disgraceful violation must be condemned by not only observant Jews but even those who may not label themselves as such - but hold dear the traditional way of life of our people.

And to my friend Sam Lipski, what were you thinking? You are, as we all know, a warm-hearted Jew who knows far more about genuine Yiddishkeit than most of the community. How could you in your role as head of the Pratt Foundation approve such a sponsorship? (And really, do you really think that you are doing any favours for the Neshama of the late Dick Pratt, by spending his money and using his name to promote Shabbos desecration!?  Avu iz dein seichel? Why not get the AJN to headline a report on this event with "Chillul Shabbat in memory of Dick Pratt"?)

And where are you, RCV, COSV and our choshuveh Rabbonim? I have yet to hear that any of you has publicly condemned this Chillul Shabbos bifresiya. With the Yamim Noraim upon us, you have opportunity to beמוחה  with a צעקה גדולה ומרה.

Please don't take this lightly. Remember what Chazal say: (שבת נד ב):
 מי שיש בידו למחות על אנשי בתו, ואינו מוחה – נתפס על אנשי ביתו; באנשי עירו, ואינו מוחה – נתפס על אנשי עירו; בכל העולם כולו, ואינו מוחה – נתפס על כל העולם כולו
And as most of the Australian Rabbinate identifies with Chabad, let me quote the Alteh Rebbe זצ''ל in his Tanya:  ! מי שיש בידו למחות ואינו מוחה נקרא רשע


  1. B'H
    I was saddened by this and rather surprised that it was held on a Saturday. My son played for the Comets Under 9's Ajax team and we did not go because of this. It is an open Chilul Hashem to have advertised and done this on a Saturday. I was also sad for my son that he could not be there but I will not compromise my beliefs for anyone.
    I am glad you spoke out about this. I feel I cannot as it is not my place and my son was sponsored for this year by the club, so it was not for me to appear ungrateful, but I will not desecrate shabbes even for social reasons.

  2. I agree with Ilana. This is not only Chilul habos but also a very public Chilul Hashem

    Shame on all concerned

  3. I know for sure that (at least) several of Melbourne's rabbis read this blog.

    How indeed can they explain themselves on their silence about this and the other anti-Torah actions by the AJN? I mean the advertising of treif eateries, advertising chilul shabbos etc etc.

    Rabbis, do your duty and stop the 'sweetness' and 'niceness' to those who try to destroy Torah values. You will never be 'loved' by the AJN anyway. But if you got up and said a few strong words every now and then - you will at least be respected.

    And the same goes for the COSV and RCV. Time to pull the finger out and make a stand for Hashem and His Torah

  4. Poor old dick pratt.
    he left a few billion dollars of wwhich a tiny percentage goes to 'charity'.

    Charity that supports shabbat desecration.

    For those of us who believe in olam haba it doesn't bode well for pratt (nor for lipski - I suppose)

  5. For those here who actually know how to learn, this reminds me of the city טור שמעון brought in both the Yerushalmi and Medrash Rabbah...

    חייב למחות!

  6. Thanks anon, the city of Tur Shimon was destroyed because they played ball on Shabos
    המקורות בדבר חורבנה של טור שמעון,
    וכדברי התלמוד הירושלמי: "טור שמעון … ולמה חרב?
    יש אומרים … ויש אומרים, שהיו משחקין בכדור" (ירושלמי תעניות פרק ד' סט עמ' א'),
    או במדרש: "טור שמעון … ולמה חרבו? … אמר רבי הונה: משום שהיו משחקין בכדור בשבת" (איכה רבה נד, ח).


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