Sunday, January 22, 2012

עבודה זרה and גילוי עריות - AJN embarrasses Lord Sacks

How dumb are they? The Jewish News couldn't resist illustrating its feature on chief rabbi Sacks other than by showing him chatting with a convicted (and currently jailed) rapist, ex-Israeli president Moshe Katzav and the "avi avos hatumah" the pope!

As someone commented over Friday night dinner, if the AJN had been able to locate a picture of the rabbi with a convicted murderer, they could've had the trifecta - "Avoda Zara, Gilui Atayos and Shefichat Damim"


  1. Not surprised. I'll be that the AJN staffer who put the article together had completely forgotten that Katzav was a rapist

  2. Not nice ..but very funny


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