Friday, December 9, 2011

Rabbi Apple - quoting AJNWatch !?

Interesting to see that Rabbi Raymond Apple's column in this week's AJN, seems to be referring to our recent post about purveyors of porn...


  1. I wouldn't be surprised. I know a number of rabbis who check out AJNWatch "religiously"..
    (After all, how many other Aussie blogs say what many of them say privately and would wish to say publicly?

  2. The AJN article by Rabbi Apple on Judaism and pornography is actually taken from the Rabbi's weekly emails and website ( I've noticed that the AJN often reproduces the rabbi's writings, particularly his "Ask the Rabbi" articles. What's ironic is that, on this occasion, the paper has chosen to reproduce an article that - by extension - actually serves to condemn them given that they are the ones who are guilty of peddling soft porn.


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