Thursday, November 24, 2011

Rebbe Chairs Inc. - Yiddishe gesheften

Rebbe's Chair In Every Home
A brief report in "Yediot Jerusalem" reports about the new craze among Chassidim: Purchasing replicas of their Rebbes' chairs ● A distritbutor in Jerusalem teamed up with wood carving professionals in Australia to bring you an exact replica of the Rebbe's chair for $770 ● Full Story 19 Cheshvan 5772 (16.11.2011)
The new craze in the Chassidic world: Replicas of chairs of the Great Chassidic Rebbes. In the recent months, replicas of various chairs are being sold, some of famous personalities of the past, and some of current Rebbes.

The idea is of Mr. Mordechai Regev, a Breslev Chossid who started by selling replicas of Rabi Nachman's Chair from the original which sits in the Me'ah Shearim. That replica sold for $2000 and many Brelev Chassidim purchased it.

Following his success, Mr. Regev proceeded to create a replica of the chair of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and he plans on selling it to Lubavitchers around the world, and to individual Chabad Chassidim.

The chair he replicated is the one the Rebbe sat on since 5748, and after measuring the exact dimensions he contacted professional sculptors in Australia who will do the wood carving. The chair will be sold for $770.


  1. B"H
    A fool and his money are soon parted. Sitting in a Rebbe's chair does not a Rebbe make!
    But if a chosid has money to burn, although I can think of better uses to put money to and I am sure the Rebbes would agree.


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