Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blake Street's inappropriate idea

"Melbourne Rabbi" writes:

I am extremely disappointed to learn that Blake Street Shul, which labels itself as Orthodox, is co-sponsoring a book festival where the majority of featured speakers are married out. Whilst I am not condemning those persons for their assimilated lifestyle - no doubt influenced by their upbringing which lacked authentic Jewish values and traditions - there is absolutely no justification for an orthodox Shul to feature such speakers.

Why didn't the rabbi and lay leaders of Blake Street consider the influence such well-known - but totally detached from Judaism - personalities may have on young and impressionable members of their community? Aren't they being totally irresponsible and reckless in supporting this project?

There is still time to withdraw and remove their Shul's name from this blunder. For the sake of your kids, Blake Street, do it!

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