Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bobblehead rabbi: The ultimate honour?

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Here's a one-year-older-than-God's-parents joke about a rabbi who nodded his head a lot:

In a small Russian town, people brought their complaints to Rabbi Korsunsky to settle their differences. This day, two men were before the rabbi. He listened to the first and said, "You are right." Then he listened to the second man and said, "You are right." When they left, his wife, who was listening in the next room, said to him, "You're supposed to be some kind of judge? How can they be both right?" He listened to her and said, "You're right, too."

On August 8, the San Francisco Giants unveil a rabbi only slightly less agreeable — a nodding headed doll of San Francisco's Rabbi Yosef Langer, who serves as the team's "Rally Rabbi" on Jewish Heritage Night.

So far, more people seem to be bobbing their heads vertically ("cute!") than horizontally ("it's bad for the Jews!") with regards to the Orthodox bobblehead. One senior official with the team told me that he's received only two letters of complaint compared to oodles of "Can you save me one of those?" queries.

Either way, it's hardly the oddest bobblehead doll out there. In fact, it's not even the first rabbinical bobblehead — Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has been nodding for a while.

While once simply a charming accessory, bobbleheads have truly taken a bizarre turn in recent years. (link)
Could be a fundraising idea for Chabad Houses - a bobblehead doll of their rabbi.

And here's another idea that won't take long to be replicated on our shores:

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