Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michael Danby - getting up Bob Brown's goat

Michael Danby is obviously doing darn good job. He recent comments about refusing to give his preferences to the Greens in the future - as well as his exposure of some of the nastier and anti-Israel tactics by Green politicians has now totally upset their leader, Bob Brown, who is resorting with threats and abuse.

In reply to Michael calling them "watermelon greens" Brown's angry reply is "lettuce".

Well, let us - lettuce see, Senator Brown. AJNWatch won't be surprised if after the despicable behaviour of so many Greens politicians - especially the BDS-promoting execrable Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne and the deplorable Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon - with their shameless anti-Israel views, the Greens vote will drop substantially in all areas. Not only Jewish voters, but most fair-minded decent Australians will be dumping this left-wing rabble.

Meanwhile, all of us living in Melbourne Ports have a duty to support and ensure that Michael Danby retains this seat - with an increased majority - for many elections to come. We should forget party-partisan politics and remember that Michael has been one of our community's strongest and bravest advocates ever and deserves our 100% unwavering support.

THE AGE:  Brown blasts 'nasty' Danby
Michelle Grattan

GREENS leader Bob Brown has fiercely attacked the Labor member for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby, threatening the Greens could have him out of Parliament and ''growing lettuces''.

Senator Brown struck back after assaults by Mr Danby on the Greens, including at the weekend when he repeated he would have them pushed down the ticket in Melbourne Ports because of their policies.

Senator Brown told The Age his advice to the Greens in Mr Danby's seat ''would be to look at not directing preferences next time - and he'll go''.

''He needs to know that he's not some sort of arbiter of Liberal-Labor consensus on how to get rid of Greens. He might find himself going out the back door faster than he thinks … He'll find himself growing lettuces.''

The Green candidate in Melbourne Ports at the 2010 election, Sue Plowright, had received a ''huge'' vote, Senator Brown said.

At the last election Mr Danby had a primary vote just over 38 per cent, while the Liberal candidate received nearly 38 per cent and the Greens nearly 21 per cent. He received Green preferences. While most Green voters give preferences to Labor anyway, in a close election getting formal support could be critical.

Senator Brown said some of Mr Danby's recent comments had been ''really nasty and uncalled for''. Mr Danby recently likened the controversial Green from NSW, Senator-elect Lee Rhiannon, to Elena Ceausescu, the wife of the brutal Romanian dictator.

The incoming senator has advocated an Israeli boycott. Mr Danby, who is Jewish and represents an area with a big Jewish presence, is strongly pro-Israel.

The Greens decide on preferences at a local rather than a national level. Senator Brown said he would not be directing the locals but advising them.

Mr Danby said last night: ''I won't be bowing to this pressure''.

He was very surprised at Senator Brown's comments - he did not think Senator Brown would join with Senator-elect Rhiannon in making what were effectively political threats.

''I won't be backing down in saying some of the Greens' policies are too extreme'', such as their advocacy of death duties and the reduction of aid to non-government schools.

He believed he could survive without Green preferences. ''The Greens will find me like the wombat on the Hume Highway - the wheels will bounce every time.''
Julia Gillard is truly a rachmonus. Imagine your life or career depending on the support of such a rabble.


  1. Go Michael go! Don't let those b!@#%$#@s get you down.

  2. 2 interesting posts on this in VexNews

  3. Seems impossible to get onto Vexnews today.

    I reckon it has been hacked.

    Anyone know anything about this?


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